Welcome  Dancers!

                                   Horgan Academy of Irish Dance Connecticut


Cead Mile Failte to the

22nd Annual

Constitution State




Quassy Amusement &

Water Park


Connecticut, USA

Labor Day Weekend


Sat., Sept. 1, 2018 


Sun., Sept. 2, 2018

+ Constitution State Feis 2018 Entry Form +


Please copy and paste this entry form into an e-mail and send the completed form to [email protected], or simply e-mail dancer's name, age as of 1/1/18, teacher, competition #(s), and total to [email protected],

and mail check to Horgan Academy, 198 Meadow Street, Naugatuck, CT 06770. 

Dancer's Name:__________________________________________________________________________  


Phone #:_______________________________________        

Dancers age as of Jan. 1, 2018:________ 






Competition #(s):_______________________________________________________________ 

$20___ Basic fee (one required per family)

______ Solo/grade $10 per dance (Sun.)

______ Ceili dances $10 per dance per dancer (1st place trophies) (Sun.)

______ Traditional Set & Treble Reel $13 per dance (1st place sash) (Sun.)

______ Contemporary Set ($18) (1st Place sash & Perpetual Trophy) (Sat.)

______ Preliminary & Open Champions: $38 (marks, medal rounds, & 1st place sash) (Sat.)

______ Change fee: $10.

$_____ Late Fee: $20 (after July 31st) 

===== TOTAL (No refunds) (Mail to Horgan Academy, 198 Meadow St., Naugatuck, CT 06770)

It is agreed that the Irene Horgan, Maureen Horgan and/or the Horgan Academy of Irish Dance, will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury.



Signature of Parent/Adult dancer: _________________________________  Date:____________

Irish Bread Competition #317 Free (awards at 11:00am)

Please note new music speed for Pre-Beginner, Beginner, & Advanced Beginner Reel and Slipjig is 122.

Adjudicators and musicians: Joanie Cass, ADCRG; Joan McNiff, ADCRG; Eileen Morr, ADCRG; and Niall Mulligan.  Additional adjudicators and/or musicians may be posted on this page.

Feis is registered, sanctioned & will be governed by the rules of An Coimisiun, the North American Feis Commission, & the New England Region.  Pat Watkins, President NAFC.  Full NAFC Rules apply:             www.northamericanfeiscommission.org/dancingcompetionsrules.asp.   No refunds.

2018 NAFC Music Scholarship Competitions

15 and Over James Brennan Music Scholarship will be held at the Rochester Feis, July 14, 2018


Under 15 Edward Callaghan Music Scholarship will be held at the Flower City  Feis, Oct. 7, 2018

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TENTATIVE SOLO SCHEDULE (times and stage assignments subject to change as needed):

Sunday, Sept. 2nd, 2018 Solo/Grades


9:00            Pre-Beginners

9:15            Beginners


9:45         Advanced Beginner Soft Shoe  (U6,U7)

10:00       Advanced Beginner Soft Shoe  (U8)

10:15       Advanced Beginner Soft Shoe  (U9,U10)

10:30       Advanced Beginner Hard Shoe (U6,U7)

10:45       Advanced Beginner Hard Shoe (U8)

11:00       Advanced Beginner Hard Shoe (U9,U10)


11:15            Novice Soft Shoe dances (U6,U7,U8)

11:30            Novice Soft Shoe dances (U9,U10)

11:45            Novice Hard Shoe dances (U6,U7,U8)

12:00            Novice Hard Shoe dances (U9,U10)


12:15            Traditional Sets (U9)

12:45            Treble Reel (U12)

1:00              Traditional Sets (U12)


1:45          Prize-winner Soft Shoe (U6,U7)

2:00            Prize-winner Soft Shoe (U8,U9)

2:15            Prize-winner Soft Shoe (U10)

2:30            Prize-winner Hard Shoe (U6,U7)

2:45            Prize-winner Hard Shoe (U8,U9)

3:00            Prize-winner Hard Shoe (U10)



9:30     Advanced Beginner Soft Shoe (U11,U12,12 & over)

9:45     Advanced Beginner Hard Shoe (U11,U12,12 & over)


10:00        Novice Soft Shoe (U11,U12)

10:30        Novice Soft Shoe (U13,13 & over)

11:00        Novice Hard Shoe (U11,U12)

11:15        Novice Hard Shoe (U13,13&over)


11:45            Treble Reel (12&over)

12:00            Traditional Sets (12&over)

12:30            All Ceili (all ages)


1:15            Adult Soft Shoe

1:30            Prize-winner Soft Shoe (U11)

2:00            Prize-winner Soft Shoe (U12)

2:15            Prize-winner Soft Shoe (U13)

2:45            Prize-winner Soft Shoe (U14,14&over)

3:00            Adult Hard Shoe

3:15            Prize-winner Hard Shoe (U11)

3:30            Prize-winner Hard Shoe (U12)

3:45            Prize-winner Soft Shoe (U13)

4:00            Prize-winner Hard Shoe (U14,14&over)

Champion Schedule will be posted here by August 25th.


"Not Before Times" (All times are subject to change as necessary, so be sure to recheck this website before the Feis).

We look forward to welcoming you to our Feis with a Cead Mile Failte!